Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ushaw 2010 - Low week

I reported earlier that I was to attend the Training Conference at Ushaw in Low week. I also "billed" the news that two Salford men were to be tutors at the Conference.
The great Fr. Francis Wadsworth requested to know who these would be. Aa...hem. One of the tutors was actually the aforementioned Fr. W., who tongue in cheek asked me at the Conference to respond to his question! It is wonderful to meet up with such priests who are both always cheerful and yet never lose sight of their mission as Priests and who are totally open to the universal law of the Church with regard to the EF Rite of Mass and Sacraments of the Church according to books in use in 1962. Thanks be to God that such priests are often younger clergy, who feel stifled by the cloying scent of the 1960-1980's spirit of VatII either as curates and/or PPs who found themselves in a liturgical no man's land following their ordination.

In this year for Priests let us ask Almighty God to bring forward more men to serve at His altar and who are open to the Pope's teaching on this and other vital issues which distinguish us from other Christians who do not yet own the fullness of truth, the Truth.

Unfortunately our other tutor, Professor Richards was unable to attend at the last moment due to pressing diocesan schools' business in Manchester. Since then he has been taken ill and is currently recovering slowly but surely. We have been able to exchange banter via e-mail recently and I wish him a speedy full recovery.

This said, as a result of the Ushaw Conference, I was able to make contact, re-connect and foster relationships with other northern laypeople and clergy from the dioceses of Salford, Liverpool,
Leeds, Hexham & Newcastle, Nottingham and Middlesbrough.
Sad to say that Hallam and Lancaster were not represented this time.

The photo shows the impressive St. Cuthbert's chapel at Ushaw which was designed by Joseph Aloysius Hansom, who was also responsible for Salford's Holy Name in Oxford Road, Manchester as well as St. George's York and St Walburge's, Preston.
The original beautiful Pugin altar remains in the vestibule of the chapel where many of Fr. Wadsworth and Mr. Hawker's sessions took place.
For my part I coached a charming chap from Glasgow who had been "leaned upon" by his PP to attend. This chap had only attended one Mass in the old Rite in since 1970 (and this was the previous Sunday!), but he realised his PP's need for support and for a server. I was absolutely delighted with his desire to learn and how quickly he picked up the Latin and having been put through his paces by Fr. Elkin with regard to the actual movements around the altar and use of the bells etc. he was able to return to Glasgow filled with confidence.

A great occasion.
Deo Gratias!