Friday, August 14, 2009 last

Happy Feastday!

It was great to meet up with Father Wadsworth at the Ushaw Conference in April, which was a wonderful event for the north of England.

Today, the Feast of the Assumption, marks a new milestone in the restoration of the Tridentine Mass in the Diocese of Salford. Mass will be offered at 10.15 a.m. today at the church of the English Martyrs, Alexandra Road South, Manchester by the Parish Priest Father Marlow and thereafter every Saturday at 10.00a.m. Many thanks to Fr. Marlow.

The Masses every Friday at St. Marie's, Manchester Road, Bury continue, but Masses at St. Osmund's, Breightmet, Bolton are currently being offered now on the first Thursday of each month - except September, when Fr. G. Hilton is unavailable.

Before long I will be in a position to announce other regular venues as interest continues to grow.