Friday, February 6, 2009

Note change of plan - and musings

The original plans regarding the day of prayer for vocations at the Holy Name on Sexagesima Sunday, February 15th. have been changed. The new arrangements are as follows:

Following the OF solemn Mass at 11.00a.m. there will be the recitation of the Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Solemn Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.

The Tridentine Mass at 4.00p.m. will be a Low Mass.

Having studied at Manchester Uni in the mid 1980s when the crash bang whizz bongo folk rock ageing hippy Masses were all the rage on Sunday nights at the Holy Name it was a solid answer to a personal prayer of mine when the Society of Jesus left and Fr. Matus with the help of other other priests took over.

Today the 4.00p.m. Mass is an international, socially accessible to all, family friendly and thoroughly Catholic experience. People of all ages, colours, walks of life, and yet one creed hearing the Mass in the official language of the church, and so obviously a sign of unity is for me what the LMS is about. It has to be, because this reflects the Church's mission.
I saw an awful letter from the Cardinal Archbishop of Manila tonight on Fr. Z's blog. Given the deplorable misinterpretation of Summorum Pontificum by this Prince of the Church I had to ask myself why he would choose to write such a letter. What do so many prelates, priests and people fear about the 1962 Liturgy? Why is this?

This weekend I would like to see the film "Doubt" at the cinema. I heard an interview on the wireless with its creator this afternoon, which rather whetted my appetite. I would also like to see Valkyrie before too long.

In the meantime please offer Holy Communions, Rosaries and the Memorare for our Holy
Father, the Pope.