Saturday, November 8, 2008

Mass tomorrow

Mass will be offered at 4.00p.m. at Holy Name of Jesus, Oxford Road, Manchester.

Already a couple of people have commented to me that that they have seen this blog. Please encourage others to do likewise. The long promised mailshot to members should be in the post mid-week.
In this month of the Holy Souls please do not forget to remember those relatives, friends and moreover those who have nobody to pray for them.
Having five children and another I baptized at birth shortly before he died I do feel reassured that when my turn comes there will be somebody to remember me to God for release of my soul from the cleansing pain of longing for the Beatific vision in purgatory.
Help Lord the souls which Thou hast made, the souls to Thee so dear, in prison for the debt unpaid for sins committed here.
It is truly charitable to pray for those who have gone before us, in Faith, that they may reach Heaven, so that when they reach it they, in turn, can pray for us to God.
How often these days do we hear of the Church - suffering (in purgatory), militant (on earth) and triumphant (in Heaven)?
In Bradford tomorrow there will be a sung Mass of Requiem at St. Peter's, Leeds Rd., Bradford, West Yorkshire at 3.00p.m. for all those who lost their lives in the world wars. R.I.P.