Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mailing just about finished and musings

My predecessor Mrs. Hartley sent me the names and addresses of friends of the Society yesterday to whom I need to send a copy of the Society's newsletter in Salford. This will be done by tomorrow.

Already Professor Richards has been in touch to offer his usual constructive ideas and progress has been made. Thanks again to him.

I have also received a petition from a regular member that details of the Divine Office readings for the day be included in the ordo in 2010. I will be happy to raise this at the Commmittee meeting in December. I have already discussed a similar sort of project with Mrs. Hartley which involves booklet production.

I have in recent years been able to witness the constantly improving quality of newsletters, magazines, aids to memory, Mass booklets and suchlike in promoting the Traditional Rites of the Church, since the advent of desktop publishing packages and the Personal Computer.

Should not this whole internet publishing, blogging and desktop publishing business be put under the patronage of St. Paul the Apostle, convert, martyr, and letter writer? Had he been here today he would be a million hit blogger of E-pistles. In this year of St. Paul such an event could be a start to something to help realign the Church militant. Perhaps fellow bloggers could take this to heart and spread the idea.

To this end I shall place this blogsite under the patronage of Christ the King and St. Paul the Apostle.

Please continue to remember the Holy Souls, especially those who have nobody left to remember them.