Monday, November 17, 2008

In today's post

It was very interesting to receive a copy of a little publication called the Lazarist, which is the newsletter of the Order of St. Lazarus of Jerusalem, John of Gaunt Commandery. It features an article about Stydd chapel, which I am happy to reproduce here.

A Hospitaller Chapel: St. Saviour's, Stydd, near Ribchester

The chapel of St. (the Holy) Saviour's, Stydd Lane, Stydd, near Ribchester in the Ribble valley, is all that remains of a hospital acquired by the Order of St. John about 1265. In 1338 the Order rented the land to a farmer who was required to maintain a priest to say Mass. Under Henry VIII the property was confiscated and the chapel was annexed to the parish church of Ribchester. Between its two large triple windows is a narrow lepers' squint, which allowed lepersoutside the church to see the Mass celebrated inside. This chapel is usually open to visitors. The nearby Catholic church, and the medieval parish church of Ribchester are also worth a visit.

The church contains the grave of Francis Petre, Vicar apostolic of the north, and next to it a grave which may contain remains of St. Margaret Clitheroe.

The newsletter came with a kind donation to the LMS. Thanks to the sender for both.