Thursday, November 27, 2008

Historic news....more green shoots

This week has seen some historic news from the Continent. The only Trappist Abbey in Germany situated in the Diocese of Aachen has been given permission by the Pope to return to the Order's traditional liturgy and in use in 1962.

I used to live in Germany in the late 1980s and at that time, compared to what was happening at home, things were extremely grim. England was a good ten years behind what was common in Germany at that time, now it has caught up only to find that what goes round comes round. Any thoughts as to which religious houses in this country could, might or will do likewise, for the moment, remains a matter of pure conjecture.

Let's watch how the decision of the Trappist Community affects its number over the next few years. Let's pray for them and their young Consecrated Abbott, Josef that they may become another strong witness to the strict application of the Holy Rule of St. Benedict and prove to be a magnet for vocations.

This is the new Renaissance.